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Addiction Counseling - The Alternative to In Patient Treatment

It's been decided, we need help with our alcohol/drug problem in our lives. Now what?

In patient treatment for 28 days is a good start if you have past the point of mere addiction to chemical dependency. If you need to have a drink or drug as soon as you wake up in the morning just to be able to function and control the tremors in your hands and body, If your entire day is organized around drinking/drugging to the seclusion of all else, then you need to go into In-Patient treatment. Detoxification will need to be closely monitored, especially if it is alcohol you are detoxifying from. More deaths occur from alcohol detoxification than all the other drugs combined. If you have reached this point only detox and intensive stabilization can be considered before any counseling can begin.

BUT, if you are not to this point, In-Patient treatment could be a colossal waste of time and money.

Most if not all Treatment centers are really just educational centers that keep you from escaping to drink or drug for 28 days (by the way,many insurance companies will no longer cover this much time). Some people need this time in seclusion. Most do not if they have not crossed over to full chemical dependency.

The alternative

Individual Outpatient Counseling with a experienced alcohol and drug counselor can be far more effective, far less expensive, and far less disruptive to your everyday life. The important part in this approach is finding an experienced counselor. This means that not only does he/she have a masters degree in counseling and a full license (Not Limited). They need to have had actual experience in recovery. Yes they need to have struggled with addiction themselves in their past to actually understand the disease and how to bring the client into remission and life long recovery.

For more on this,

check out the Simple RX for Recovery at this blog site. Or contact Mike Richman MA,LPC at 616-888-4353 for free consultation and appointment to start your life back on the right track.

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