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By What Standard?

By What Standard Can a Business Make a Statement of Faith?

Do you have a standard for making life decisions? Everyone has some standard framework by which they make the hundreds of decisions that occur each day. Most are small decisions others are huge life changing decisions. We all are guided by a moral compass of some sort that points us toward what we consider right and wrong. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there is a vastly expanded view of any moral standard and a society which pushes most businesses to take a very inclusive, very weak, and sometimes scared moral stance in everything they do. In an attempt to please everyone, they end up appearing to be no one.

There are some big players that have proudly pronounced their views on morals and have not shrunk from their faith completely (Hobby Lobby, Chic Filet, etc.) but they are usually big enough and provide a product sought after enough that they can take the risk. But what about the thousands of small businesses that are competing for an everchanging customer base that may be offended or driven away by any display of moral character or in particular, Biblical reference. Most business owners today are going to take the safe inclusive road even if their faith and moral convictions tell them otherwise.

For those who chose to use the Bible as their standard, most of life’s decisions are simplified. It does require some knowledge of what the Bible actually says (as in having read it) and some background in how a Bible lead community expects you to act on life situations. This is a lifelong learning experience called Sanctification. As one’s knowledge grows in what the Bible says so does the responsibility to act accordingly. As a small business owner (New Revelation Counseling Services LLC) and a believer myself, I have had to battle in my mind how to represent my business in a Godly way (I do S.U.D. Marriage and Biblical counseling) yet keep the door open wide enough to non-believers that they will feel comfortable enough to enter.

To some extent everyone uses the Bible as a community standard, “Thou shall not kill”, “Thou shall not steal”, “Thou shall not commit adultery”, “Thou shall not bear false witness” these are just a few examples of Biblical standards that all of society has adopted to form the moral frame work that all communities live by. Yet in Biblical counseling we use the whole of the Bible as a framework and that includes many items that the world as a whole has decided to ignore because it does not fit with the rest of their moral standards.

To this end I offer this statement about my business:

True Biblical Counseling does not mean that you will be subjected to constant barrage of chapter and verse judgement, but instead be greeted with open arms and mind with compassion for your personal issues that need attention and respect. The Biblical knowledge that I possess from my Seminary degree at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, years of church ministry and Teaching along with years of biblical studies will help guide us to better decisions and peace of mind during our counseling sessions.

Biblical counseling is available to anyone who asks for it, but at the same time I must keep the door open to all who are struggling with their beliefs or do not want the Bible to be part of their life so they will feel comfortable at least coming in the door for help. We’ll leave the rest of the work for the Holy Spirit.

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