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Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Why would I go to a substance use expert for marriage and relationship counseling? - Virtually every substance use client I have counseled for the last 15 years has needed some form of relationship counseling with their significant other or spouse. Let’s face facts, statistics show that in almost 50% of couples receiving marriage and relationship counseling have some form of substance use involved. This covers a wide array of substances, from mild misuse of prescription drugs and alcohol, to opiate addiction and even heroin use.

You may not have any of these symptoms involved in your relationship but the experience gained from putting hundreds of really tough cases involving substance use back together has given me a second expertise in marriage and relationship counseling.

No matter what the unique situation is that is troubling your relationship the problem usually starts with a lack of communication and loss of trust. If these two items can be addressed then working on the unique details of your relationship concerns usually can be solved rather easily.

When you are revealing personal aspects of your life you want someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in being compassionate and straight forward with helping you and your partner reach your relationship goals.

My practice is located in a comfortable and calm setting that is easy to get to from several directions. Please click on the about section to see more pictures of my office and on the contact section to see maps to my location.

Let’s start to put your relationship back on track.

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