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Substance Use Assessment & Treatment

Confidentiality and Anonymity Guaranteed

  • Substance use Assessments

  • Treatment and Recovery- Alcohol, Cocaine, and Opiates including Heroin

  • Out-patient recovery

  • Relapse prevention

Substance use (Alcohol and drugs of all kinds) can negatively affect anyone, any age, anywhere, any socioeconomic class and is the least understood in terms of how to manage and treat. It can strike a person when they least expect it, as there trying to handle an increased workload, Child care and child rearing, mental health issues, family issues, marriage problems, and financial stress. It often starts innocently – Trying to relieve the stress of everyday life, before the person knows it they are turning to alcohol and drugs more and more to cope with life.

Mike uses his 30 years of abuse background to navigate each phase of recovery and treatment.

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