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Michael Richman MA, LPC

New Revelation provides services that start with Michael Richman MA, LPC. Michael has over 20 years of counseling experience which included working for several large agencies and clinical settings as a therapist, a clinical supervisor, and a director. He has also had his private practice for the last several years and has a dedicated office in Grand Rapids. What is different about Michael is that he has a personal background of substance abuse and recovery that spans from age 11 to 40. He is dedicated to substance abuse counseling and knows personally what it is like to struggle with substance abuse, anxiety and relationship problems in virtually every phase and every age group. More importantly, he knows how to get out of the grip of alcohol and drug dependency. Michael has a Master’s degree in Counseling from Cornerstone University and a Seminary Degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, but his most valuable education came from real life experience.

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